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Somatic Yoga & Movement Practices

Somatic yoga promotes well-being and relaxation. The approach is friendly, soft and open — with the aim to encourage flow and fluidity into the movements and a mind of curiosity and wonder. Simple, playful and dynamic in its nature, this yoga is open and accessible to all.

Somatic yoga is a contemporary approach to a very ancient method. In fact, both the traditional asana and the more modern movement awareness practices are taught, since the intention of each is the same — to experience a state of union, to be a body that is alive and aware.

In somatic yoga we are opening ourselves to the world of feelings and sensation. The emphasis is not just on the physical body, but on the direct, felt experience of the asana or the awareness movement practices.

To put it another way, somatic yoga is more about ‘being present’ in yoga than ‘doing’ yoga — immersing oneself into the mystery of the body rather than conquering any particular yoga asana. Through this — and through being aware of this — we find a deeper connection within our own being.

This deep-felt connection brings us to an embodied knowing of who we really are and this knowledge can relax us profoundly. It is like coming home after a very long journey: there is a spontaneous sigh of relief, a felt sense of ease.

From this deep relaxation an embodied awareness follows, allowing an opening of deeper perceptions to occur. We thus enter more easily into the state of meditation.

This is the true intention of yoga.

“Body rests like the mountain
Breath moves like the ocean
Heart like the clear blue sky”
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Embodied Awareness Meditation



Entering the

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