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Somatics is the study and practice of Embodied Living

Soma is the Greek word for body. The word has come to mean the enlivened and mindful body, and thus Somatics is the study of what it means to be conscious and embodied. It also represents the willingness to perceive, experience and respond in the immediate moment — in Somatics, direct experience is valued over conceptual thinking and ideas.

Somatic principles can be very well applied to yoga, meditation and psychotherapy. Both somatic yoga and somatic therapy wishes to free constricted movements of body and mind. It cleanses the doorways of our perceptions, sharpens our senses and opens us to new ways of being. Hendrika Van Dyk practised as a Somatic Psychotherapist and teacher in Somatics, she feels fortunate to be able to do what she loves and the art of embodied living is her life-long practice, welcome to this space …